A hardware and software solution to assist first responders.

The innovation involves firefighters “land marking” their route with breadcrumbs to effectively leave a trail to follow on the way out, similar to the approach taken in the fairytale story of "Hansel & Gretel".

These smart breadcrumbs can then be leveraged to form an ‘ad hoc mesh network’ to provide critical information to the Incident Commander located externally. The mesh network can be utilised in several ways.

This Includes:

  • Proximity location of the firefighters for situational awareness
  • Wearable sensors on the firefighters
  • Fixed sensors within the breadcrumbs
  • Backup communications



First Responders Assistance

Pathfinder speeds up deployment of multiple SCBA teams.

Save People in Distress

More accuratly locate casualties and people in distress, reducing rescue minutes.

ECO Support

Provide situational awareness to the Entry Control Officer at any given point in time.

Find the Way Out

The pucks form a guide to lead first responders to the exit of a hazardous environment.

Instant Insights

Get instant feedback of the makeup of a hazardous environment.

Working Perfectly

The mesh network created by the pucks works in any environment with zero assumptions.


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